Llama Plushie Supply List & Instructions

llama plushie.jpg

I’ve had multiple requests for the supply list and instructions for this fun kids sewing project. We are also offering a 3 week class for kids in our studio.


Supply List

  • 1/3rd yard fabric for body

  • Scrap fabric for legs

  • Small scrap of felt for face circle

  • 2 buttons for eyes

  • Fabric for blanket

  • Stuffing

  • Black embroidery thread OR black marker OR fabric pen

  • Needle

  • Thread

  • Scissors

  • Quilting or safety pins

  • Pattern print out


  • Threading a needle

  • A minimum of 2 stitches: the running stitch and the whip stitch and option to learn 2 embroidery stitches (satin stitch and split stitch)

  • Using a pattern

  • Sewing on buttons



These instructions assume someone who already knows how to sew will be working with the child or as a reminder for kids who have already done the project once. If your kids needs more detailed instructions or help, we are offering a 3 week class at our studio.

  1. Gather all of your supplies and print patterns

  2. Create the legs

    1. Pin leg pattern to fabric cut 2 pieces

    2. Fold each leg in half with right sides in/wrong side out and pin

    3. Sew each leg using running stitch along one short side and one long side.

    4. Turn legs right side out

  3. Create the body

    1. Body should be folded and pinned with the right side in/wrong side out

    2. Sew starting at the top of the ear, going along the border towards the tail and down. Do NOT sew the bottom since we will keep that open to stuff the llama and attach the legs. You also do not need to stitch along the folded side.

    3. Turn body right side out

  4. Stuff and assemble your llama

    1. Stuff the legs and stuff the body

    2. Turn the edges of the bottom fabric facing in and insert the legs at the front and back. Pin everything together at the bottom.

    3. Sew with a whip stitch where you just sewing the body together and with a running stitch across the legs

  5. Create face

    1. Cut out felt circle

    2. Either draw the nose and mouth on with a marker or use embroidery stitches to create the mouth (satin stitch) and mouth (split stitch)

    3. Sew the circle onto the face of the llama using a running stitch around the border

    4. Sew the 2 buttons onto the face somewhere above the mouth/nose

    5. Optional: sew on eye lashes

  6. Add the blanket

    1. Cut out your blanket to desired size (something approximately 4” x 10”)

    2. Cut a fringe at both ends

    3. Attached the blanket to the llama using a few running stitches at the top

Woo hoo! You did it! High fives!